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Mistakes during divorce mediation or trial can be costly

Going through the process of ending a marriage in Pennsylvania can understandably be confusing and overwhelming. Unfortunately, a single mistake during a divorce proceeding -- whether during divorce mediation or trial -- may lead to a less-than-desirable outcome for one financially. A few tips may help with making decisions that will have positive financial consequences long term.

Divorce mediation can be helpful in child custody case

Child custody cases can be drawn-out processes in Pennsylvania. This is particularly the case when a case involving child custody is part of a divorce case. Fortunately, if both parents can find common ground in most areas involving child custody, they may benefit from going through divorce mediation rather than going to court.

Divorce mediation may help with making child custody decision

Those getting divorced in Pennsylvania might not necessarily agree on who gets to keep the house versus the retirement funds. Likewise, those with children may not agree on who will get custody of the children. Determining their ideal child custody arrangement through a process such as divorce mediation can be complicated, with every family and divorce situation being different. However, the chief goal is to make sure that the children's best interests are a priority.

Divorce mediation may help, but not always

The divorce process can be a beast in Pennsylvania due to the emotional and financial effects it can have on those going through it. Even when both spouses in a divorce proceeding are trying to be as reasonable as possible, the process itself can be overwhelming from a legal standpoint. Fortunately, divorce mediation may make getting divorced a faster and more amicable experience.

Biding time may be helpful while preparing for divorce mediation

Divorce is never easy in Pennsylvania, as the process involves two spouses who must figure out how to untangle their lives both emotionally and financially. This can be especially tricky for those who have been married for an extensive period of time. However, in addition to trying divorce mediation, where both parties try to resolve their disputes without further court intrusion, one way in which divorcing spouses may be able to protect their best interests during this type of family law proceeding is to bide their time.

Divorce mediation involves multiple steps

The dissolution of a marriage is inherently complex, so it can quickly feature unpleasant surprises. However, understanding the general steps of a divorce proceeding in Pennsylvania may help to put one's mind more at ease. These steps apply to a divorce proceeding that involves divorce mediation as well, where both parties agree to try to find common ground and reach a divorce settlement outside of court.

Divorce mediation, focus on children helpful during breakup

Children in the same household in Pennsylvania may have varying reactions to divorce. For instance, some might feel sorrow and thus pay less attention to their schoolwork, whereas others may be anxious. Still others might pretend as though the divorce is not affecting them. No matter what the children may be feeling, divorce mediation can be a helpful way of dealing with the divorce for all parties involved.

Using tax refund to file for personal bankruptcy in Pennsylvania

For some residents of Pennsylvania, a tax return is a way to treat themselves, pay off a few debts or splurge on a trip. For many, though, it's just enough to take the first step out from under crushing debt, by giving them the financial means to file for personal bankruptcy. Sometimes, people use the refund to get caught up on past-due bills, but many individuals are so far behind that the best -- and possibly only -- option available is filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Divorce mediation can be less stressful than going to trial

Getting divorced is often a stressful experience because it involves going to trial to resolve disputes regarding assets and child custody, for example. However, litigating a divorce is not the only avenue for working out the terms of the marital split-up. Divorce mediation may be a viable option for couples in the state of Pennsylvania who wish to avoid traditional litigation.

Is a mediated divorce the right option for you?

Divorce is a difficult time for every member of the family. In order to eliminate some of the complications that can accompany this process, many Pennsylvania families choose mediation. Mediation would allow a couple to avoid litigation, thereby saving both time and money while still resolving important divorce issues.


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