Greensburg Divorce Mediation Attorney

A Cost-Efficient and Solution-Based Method That Works

The divorce process is not easy. When you are faced with ending your marriage, you will experience emotional stress and financial difficulties that you have never experienced before. Sometimes traditional divorce litigation can exacerbate and prolong conflicts with the use of adversarial methods. When applicable, many couples now choose to use alternative means of resolving their differences legally. Divorce mediation and the methods of collaborative law allow the parties to go through the divorce process in a less stressful, more efficient and less expensive environment. The divorce mediation process minimizes the financial and emotional impact of a divorce.

As part of our comprehensive law practice, we offer legal services to divorcing Pennsylvania spouses who are able to work cooperatively in creating legal agreements that best serve them and their children. Greensburg divorce mediation lawyer Doug Farrell, an experienced family attorney trained in mediation and collaborative law, can help you work through difficult issues to achieve a cost-efficient solution-based agreement to your divorce.

Take Control of the Process. Make Your Own Decisions That Affect Your Assets and Children.

Mediation is a process that allows disputing parties to reach their own crafted agreement with the help of a neutral and unbiased mediator. Divorce mediation enables divorcing spouses to make their own decisions about all the issues in their divorce such as:

  • The division of their assets
  • The assignment of their debts
  • How custody of their children will be arranged
  • How much and how long child and/or spousal support, if any, will be paid

Rather than allowing another individual such as a judge or hearing officer to decide the issues in your divorce, you can take control of the details and avoid someone else determining the fate of your assets, financial responsibilities and custody of your children through divorce mediation.

An Alternative Approach Is Now Available and Works to End Your Marriage

The collaborative law methodology is an emerging approach that provides an alternative for couples to traditional divorce litigation to end their marriage. The collaborative law approach can support the best interest of children and families in a less stressful, solution-oriented, interdisciplinary way, wherein couples can work with a team of professionals that might include mental health practitioners, child therapists, financial advisors and accountants who work together to assist couples in ending their marriage in an amicable, less stressful manner, rather than resorting to litigation in court.

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Our Westmoreland County collaborative law attorney can answer your legal questions and help you determine if collaborative divorce or mediation is a viable option for you. Call the law firm of Stewart, McArdle, Sorice, Whalen, Farrell, Finoli & Cavanaugh, LLC, at 724-610-9914 or toll free at 866-601-9627 to learn more.