Real Estate Transactions and Litigation

Purchasing a home, rental property, or commercial property can be a complicated and expensive venture. Hiring the right real estate lawyer to guide you through the selling or buying process can be a tremendous benefit to you and save you time and money.

The law office of Stewart, McArdle, Sorice, Whalen, Farrell, Finoli & Cavanaugh, LLC, represent buyers and sellers in both commercial and residential real estate transactions in the city of Greensburg and surrounding cities and towns located throughout Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. Many problems can arise from the signing of the purchase agreement to the actual closing -- and if the problems aren't resolved, the closing might never even happen. First-time buyers can be especially vulnerable to mistakes regarding financing, the performance of conditions, the results of inspections, and problems on the record of title, ranging from housing code citations to unsatisfied liens.

With respect to buyers, from the time they make an offer to buy real estate to the actual closing, our lawyers and staff will work with the seller, banks, insurance agencies and others to insure that the sale closes. Stewart, McArdle, Sorice, Whalen, Farrell, Finoli & Cavanaugh, LLC can conduct closings for the buyer in a cost-effective manner.

With respect to sellers, our firm will review listing agreements with potential brokers to insure the sellers interests are protected. Our firm also reviews any Agreement of Sale to insure that the Agreement of Sale protects the sellers from unlimited liability. Our lawyers and staff ensure that any problems that may arise through residential inspections are solved with reasonable remedies.

From commercial real estate transactions to sale residential transactions involving single family homes, condominiums and townhouses, Stewart, McArdle, Sorice, Whalen, Farrell, Finoli & Cavanaugh, LLC, reviews, examines, and resolves real estate problems.  These problems can include inaccurate or incomplete seller's disclosures, land use or zoning code violations and citations, unpaid property tax liabilities, defects in title, unsatisfied tax liens or judgment liens, building code problems, inspection issues, repairs, and problems with boundaries, access, or easements.

Our firm works toward resolving these issues through negotiations with the other party to the sale, through title insurance, or through the holders of past liens and other encumbrances against the property. When an amicable resolution of these problems is impossible, our firm can represent you in a lawsuit for specific performance against the seller or breach of the purchase agreement against the buyer.

If you are a developer, owner or builder in Greensburg or surrounding cities and towns in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania who needs advice about a denied building permit or needs to appeal adverse zoning decision, contact our office so we can assist you in addressing local and county land use and zoning regulators.

We will work with you to identify those aspects of your project that might violate particular zoning ordinances or land use restrictions. We can work toward identifying and neutralizing specific bases of objection and place your project back on track for completion. If it appears that your permit application will face opposition either from the board or from a community group, our ability to present a persuasive case for approval before the Board of Zoning Appeals provides a major advantage for you. Whether your proposed project involves retail space, apartments, condo conversions, recreational facilities, or a full-service restaurant, our familiarity with the zoning ordinances and land use plans throughout Westmoreland County can pinpoint the difficulties with your proposal and provide affordable ways to address and overcome objections.