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Using tax refund to file for personal bankruptcy in Pennsylvania

For some residents of Pennsylvania, a tax return is a way to treat themselves, pay off a few debts or splurge on a trip. For many, though, it's just enough to take the first step out from under crushing debt, by giving them the financial means to file for personal bankruptcy. Sometimes, people use the refund to get caught up on past-due bills, but many individuals are so far behind that the best -- and possibly only -- option available is filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

High-value assets can make property division tricky

Going through a marital split-up is never easy from a financial or emotional point of view. However, having many valuable assets that have to be split between two divorcing parties in Pennsylvania makes the property division process even trickier. This is particularly true when the high-value assets are not just money but also equity in a startup company or restricted stock units, for example.

Property division can be tricky task during divorce

Going through divorce may be one of the most frightening events experienced in life. After all, the process involves dividing property and having to adjust to new living situations. A couple of tips may help with preparing for property division during a divorce proceeding in the state of Pennsylvania.  

Do you avoid estate planning discussions?

In addition to religion and politics, there are several other topics many Pennsylvania residents often avoid. At the top of the list are finances and estate planning. Most understand the importance of the latter even though they procrastinate for one reason or another. The truth is, some people just don't like to talk about the inevitable fact that they are going to die someday.

Medicaid planning -- challenging but necessary process

Life may be like a box of chocolates, but, while some chocolates are pretty awesome, others are less enjoyable. Estate planning helps people to plan for those less pleasant parts of their lives. Every person in Pennsylvania knows that the time could come when he or she develops health problems. This is where Medicaid planning can come in as part of estate planning.

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