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Property division can be tricky task during divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2017 | Property Division |

Going through divorce may be one of the most frightening events experienced in life. After all, the process involves dividing property and having to adjust to new living situations. A couple of tips may help with preparing for property division during a divorce proceeding in the state of Pennsylvania.  

During divorce, a court will strive to divide marital property fairly, excluding property that either party acquired before the marriage or acquired through an inheritance or gift. Since Pennsylvania is known as an equitable distribution state, many factors will be considered when determining how to divide married property equitably. These factors include, for instance, how long the marriage lasted and whether either party has significant non-marital assets.

Property division can be unpredictable. Thus, if one spouse wants a particular item, negotiating and settling the distribution of property with a future ex may be more helpful than relying on a court to divide the property. For instance, perhaps a spouse really wants to keep the family business and is willing to give up the family home to do so.

Direct negotiations or mediation is an ideal way for handling divorce-related disputes without further court intrusion, often reducing stress and saving time. If the parties cannot reach a mutually beneficial settlement on their own, however, a judge will have to make decisions for them. Unfortunately, those decisions may not be what either party wanted. An attorney in Pennsylvania can help to make sure that the rights and best interests of a client are protected when dealing with property division and other unresolved divorce issues.

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