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Divorce mediation, focus on children helpful during breakup

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2017 | Divorce Mediation |

Children in the same household in Pennsylvania may have varying reactions to divorce. For instance, some might feel sorrow and thus pay less attention to their schoolwork, whereas others may be anxious. Still others might pretend as though the divorce is not affecting them. No matter what the children may be feeling, divorce mediation can be a helpful way of dealing with the divorce for all parties involved.

With divorce mediation, the parents can work on addressing their issues privately rather than handling these matters at trial. At trial, the evidence may become a part of the public record. Mediation can also be more amicable than going to trial, which is healthier for both the parents and, in turn, the children from an emotional standpoint.

While navigating the divorce, parents can take a few additional steps to help their children deal with the reality of the divorce. For instance, they can emphasize to the children that the kids are not the ones who caused the divorce. Both parents can make themselves available to the children at the same time to drive this point home and answer their questions regarding how all of their lives will change.

Another important step is for the parents to support each other’s personal time with the children. If the children can enjoy time with both of the parents after the divorce has been finalized, they will be less likely to feel pressure to love one of the parents more. An attorney in Pennsylvania can help with addressing child custody and other related issues during divorce mediation with the goal of achieving an outcome that is appropriate to the circumstances and, most importantly, considers the best interests of the children.

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