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Discovery process has impact on property division

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2017 | Property Division |

The process of getting divorced in Pennsylvania is multifaceted, with one of the steps of this type of family law proceeding being the discovery process. Discovery essentially involves the exchange of information between the two spouses getting divorced. This information is related to financial, economic and personal matters that can impact the property division process and other divorce issues.

Discovery is helpful for determining how to divide property in a fair way between two divorcing spouses as well as how to address any alimony and child support matters. This process is sometimes informal and sometimes relatively rigid. Most likely everything and anything relevant to the divorce will be addressed at one point or another during the discovery phase — especially if the divorce proceedings are contentious, with emotions running high.

During discovery, being honest with one’s attorney about the documents and facts that might be revealed is important. After all, the attorney is unable to do his or her best job without everything relevant being disclosed. It is especially important to avoid hiding assets and lying about it, as the truth will likely come out eventually.

A divorce proceeding involving property division in Pennsylvania can be challenging for both parties involved. This is particularly true when a large number of assets are at stake or when high-value assets are involved. It is also especially true when those getting divorced are approaching retirement, as any losses they suffer as a result of the divorce proceedings will be difficult to make back up quickly. An attorney can offer guidance and assistance throughout all stages of the divorce with the focus on helping the client to achieve a financially secure future.

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