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Myths related to property division: All divorces end up in court

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2017 | Property Division |

When a couple is getting divorced, their friends and family members may naturally try to give them advice. However, this advice has often resulted in many myths, many of which may end up doing more harm than good. A couple of myths, including one related to property division, especially tend to cause problems during divorce proceedings in Pennsylvania.

First, there is a misconception that because a spouse’s name is not on the mortgage, the marital home will not have to be split. The reality is that every asset must be taken into consideration. If two individuals are married, their home will more than likely be treated as a marital asset and therefore will have to be included in their final settlement.

Second, some believe that a marital breakup nearly always results in a court trial. In fact, many miserable couples persist in their unhappy marriage because they think getting divorced means they have to go to court, which seems both expensive and scary.  In reality, going to court during divorce is actually quite rare.

With divorce mediation, a couple can work out their issues, such as how to handle property division or spousal support, and come up with their own agreement. Then, they simply send this agreement to a judge for approval. This can help a couple to avoid dragging out a divorce longer than necessary and to keep their breakup as amicable as possible in Pennsylvania. It is especially valuable when children are involved, as an emotionally heated divorce can have long-lasting effects on them mentally and emotionally.

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