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Prenup can address property division in event of divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2017 | Property Division |

Marriage does not always work out for a variety of reasons, including irreconcilable differences. In this situation, having a prenuptial agreement on hand can be helpful for determining how property division should be handled as part of the divorce. However, other issues are also important to address in a Pennsylvania prenuptial agreement.

First, it is easy to overlook a furry friend when putting together a prenuptial agreement. If a couple owns a dog together, for instance, it may be beneficial for them to address any ownership issues regarding the pet in their agreement, along with any additional pets they may get in the future. This includes clearly outlining who will get to keep the pets and who will be financially responsible for them.

Social media is another area that may be worth addressing in a prenuptial agreement. A social media clause may be included that basically limits how much time each party can spend on social media. Limitations may also be placed on the use of photographs of the other spouse or negative comments, including in the event a divorce occurs subsequently. This may be especially helpful as the use of social media continues to rise.

Although most married couples in Pennsylvania do not go into marriage hoping to get divorced, the end of a marriage is sometimes inevitable. Even if a prenuptial agreement is not available during a divorce proceeding for handling matters such as property division, a couple can still work to address their issues amicably through alternative dispute resolution options such as mediation or a collaborative divorce. An attorney will strive to make sure that one’s goals and rights are ultimately protected during this type of family law proceeding.

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