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Divorce mediation may help with making child custody decision

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2017 | Divorce Mediation |

Those getting divorced in Pennsylvania might not necessarily agree on who gets to keep the house versus the retirement funds. Likewise, those with children may not agree on who will get custody of the children. Determining their ideal child custody arrangement through a process such as divorce mediation can be complicated, with every family and divorce situation being different. However, the chief goal is to make sure that the children’s best interests are a priority.

With mediation, each parent works together with a neutral third party in an effort to create a parenting agreement. This is often a helpful method for creating a mutually satisfactory agreement. Likewise, the collaborative divorce process may make it possible for divorcing parents to reach an agreement with the help of a team of professionals, such as counselors.

In some cases, parents who are going through divorce are able to arrange for both parents to make essential decisions regarding the upbringing of their children. In other words, they have joint legal custody. However, if one of the parents is not responsible, then the other parent may seek sole child custody.

If attempts to create an out-of-court child custody agreement through a process such as divorce mediation are unsuccessful, the parents have no choice but to go to court where a judge will end up making a child custody decision for them. The judge’s determination, however, may not really be what one or both parents would have expected. An attorney can strive to make sure that none of one’s rights are violated during this type of family law proceeding in Pennsylvania.

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