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Divorce mediation can be helpful in child custody case

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2017 | Divorce Mediation |

Child custody cases can be drawn-out processes in Pennsylvania. This is particularly the case when a case involving child custody is part of a divorce case. Fortunately, if both parents can find common ground in most areas involving child custody, they may benefit from going through divorce mediation rather than going to court.

Mediating child custody-related issues can be more beneficial than going to court because mediators cannot impose solutions. For this reason, if mediation ends up not working out, talking to the neutral third party involved in the mediation will not affect the court’s final child custody decision. Another advantage of divorce mediation when dealing with child custody is that it is non-adversarial and thus not as threatening as going to court.

Mediation also offers the advantage of providing a faster solution than divorce trials. Whereas mediation may take one or two weeks, a trial may take months. Trials can thus take more of an emotional toll on both spouses as well as on any shared children they have. Likewise, traditional divorce litigation often ends up being more expensive than divorce mediation.

Divorce mediation also establishes the tone for a divorced couple’s relationship going forward. This is especially relevant for those who will have to co-parent for years following the finalizing of their divorce. Research shows that children of divorce generally fare better when their parents are willing to communicate and cooperate. An attorney in Pennsylvania can help with efficiently navigating the divorce mediation process from start to finish.

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