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Couples divorce, tackle property division at different times

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2018 | Property Division |

In some marriages in Pennsylvania, couples have irreconcilable differences that eventually drive them to get divorced. Just as every marital situation is different, the times that couples choose to get divorced also differ. In fact, the season of the year may have an impact on a couple’s choice to move forward with divorce and tackle potentially contentious issues such as property division.

According to recent research, the time that a couple chooses to get divorced during the year may depend on a particularly important date for the couple, such as the Christmas holiday or even their wedding anniversary. A family member’s death may also have a bearing on the timing of the divorce season. Another possible factor is the weather.

Divorce filings tend to rise after the holidays in particular, because couples often view the holidays as a time when they may be able to fix their relationships. This is true even if they have already experienced disappointments in this area in past years. At the same time, the holidays can be an emotionally charged period and thus exacerbate marital problems.

Divorce can be stressful no matter when a married couple decides to move forward with it. This is especially the case if the two parties cannot see eye to eye on how to handle issues such as property division or spousal support. Other issues that can cause major conflict during this type of family law proceeding include child custody or child support. An attorney can help with ensuring that one’s rights are protected when dealing with these types of divorce issues in Pennsylvania.

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