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Obtaining a loan is possible following personal bankruptcy

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2018 | Personal Bankruptcy |

At times, consumers find themselves facing mountains of debt with seemingly no place to turn. Fortunately, they can turn to bankruptcy court to overcome their debt situations. The question is, can those who file for personal bankruptcy in Pennsylvania still take out personal loans in the future?

More than 766,000 businesses and individuals filed for bankruptcy protection last year. The benefit of bankruptcy is that it can restructure a consumer’s debt or eradicate his or her debt altogether. However, it can also hurt the consumer’s credit score, causing it to drop between 130 and 240 points. As a result, qualifying for personal loans or lines of credit may prove challenging. Still, it is not impossible.

To qualify for loans post bankruptcy, consumers may want to monitor their credit scores closely to ensure that each of their accounts is up to date. Credit reports will also tell consumers what factors affecting their credit scores could use some improvement, such as the opening of new credit accounts or their history of repaying debts. Consumers may also want to consider using secured credit cards, which can help them to build their credit right away.

Unfortunately, a wide range of issues can cause consumers to suffer from debt problems — for example, job loss or divorce. However, filing for personal bankruptcy can provide them with the fresh financial starts they need to thrive long term. An attorney in Pennsylvania can help a financially underwater consumer to successfully navigate the filing process with the goal of finally escaping the throes of debt.