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Personal bankruptcy has many causes, depending on the consumer

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2018 | Personal Bankruptcy |

Experiencing high amounts of debt in Pennsylvania is one of the most stressful experiences a consumer may have. In some situations, the debtor simply can find no way out of his or her debt situation. In these cases, declaring personal bankruptcy may be a wise option. Here is a rundown on several common reasons people end up needing to go to bankruptcy court.

First, some people do not update their budgets based on realistic views of their needs versus their wants and what they can afford. As a result, they never know how much they have in disposable income. They also do not know what they can borrow and then pay back quickly.

In other cases, people fall victim to peer pressure and constant marketing. For instance, advertisements, or even friends and family, may persuade a person to dine out every weekend or take a yearly trip to Disney World, even if he or she cannot necessarily afford it. In addition, many people feel that they can afford to purchase an item with a credit card if they can afford to make the minimum payments. The reality is that they have not calculated the true total cost of their debt when interest is factored in.

In some situations, people have no choice but to turn to their credit cards to get through tough financial times. No matter what the reason is for a person’s debt situation, he or she can find comfort in knowing that filing for personal bankruptcy protection may help him or her to relieve the debt problem once and for all. An attorney can provide the guidance needed to properly complete the bankruptcy filing process in Pennsylvania.