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Mediation may help to minimize property division conflict

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2018 | Property Division |

Sometimes efforts to make a marriage work are not successful. In these situations, divorce is often unavoidable. However, the process of mediation may make tackling divorce issues, such as property division, much easier than they would be with traditional divorce litigation in Pennsylvania.

If mediation is selected, the parties will sit down with a neutral individual, called the mediator, with the goal of working out agreements that are mutually satisfactory and beneficial. The mediation process is helpful for discussing options related to asset distribution, as well as for discussing both individual goals and family objectives. It also allows the two parties to talk about how to handle alimony, sometimes called spousal maintenance.

For couples with minor children, mediation additionally affords them the opportunity to discuss how to approach child custody, including both physical custody and legal custody. The focus is on coming to an agreement that is truly in the best interests of the children involved. Once a consensus is reached on all material issues, final documents are created and submitted to the court for final approval.

Because mediation relatively quick, usually taking no more than a few months, it is typically quicker than going to trial; it’s also less costly. Mediation also usually leads to less conflict regarding property division and other issues, which is ultimately better for the parties. An attorney in Pennsylvania can help those going through divorce to pursue their personal best interests while trying to find common ground with their future exes during the process of mediation.