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Divorce mediation may help with post-divorce holiday planning

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2018 | Divorce Mediation |

Dissolving a marriage can certainly be trying for the two parties who are splitting up, but it can be just as emotionally challenging for the children. The holidays can be especially tough for families who have gone through divorce. However, parents who are getting divorced can help to make the holidays a pleasant time for their children in Pennsylvania by tapping into the power of divorce mediation.

When spouses decide to divorce, they may look forward to living their own lives going forward. This is why many ex-spouses may not entertain the thought of getting together during the holidays. However, if co-parents can do this, their children can spend time with both of them at the same time, thus making Thanksgiving and/or Christmas more enjoyable for the children.

Psychologists acknowledge that children of divorce must feel that both parents share the same side as them in order for them to feel their best emotionally. This requires the two parents to mutually respect each other for the sake of the children. Speaking poorly about each other may hurt the children because the children — who identify with both parents — may believe that they themselves are being badmouthed, too.

Divorce mediation can be a prudent way of tackling holiday plans post divorce because both parents can get together to figure out what works for the entire family, all while practicing how to communicate with each other amicably. This will ultimately benefit both the parents and the children in the years following the parents’ marital breakup. An attorney can provide a divorcing spouse with the guidance needed to navigate the divorce mediation process with confidence in Pennsylvania.