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Relationship rules may lead to divorce, property division battle

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2019 | Property Division |

Many relationship rules have traditionally been followed and are often still recognized today. However, even though they may work in certain marital situations, following them in other situations could lead to divorce, in which case a couple will have to tackle issues like property division. Here is a look at a couple of traditional relationship rules that could result in the demise of a marriage in Pennsylvania.

First, according to one old-fashioned rule, it is best to ignore problems in the relationship, as bringing them up may make things worse. However, counseling experts say that arguing and disagreeing does not always harm relationships. In fact, disagreeing can be helpful by enabling couples to fine-tune and direct their relationships. Disagreeing becomes unhealthy only when spouses criticize each other and get defensive.

Second, trying to keep up with other people outside of the relationship is an old-fashioned rule that can harm a marital relationship. This is because trying to one-up a neighbor can be both financially and emotionally destructive. Social media has made people’s inclination to compare themselves to others even stronger, which has only worsened the situation.

No matter why a couple ends up getting divorced, the marital breakup process can be complicated to navigate from a legal standpoint. However, although issues like property division, alimony and even child custody can quickly spark confusion and conflict, an attorney in Pennsylvania can help a divorcing spouse to push for the most personally favorable outcomes in these areas. The attorney’s aim during a divorce proceeding is to ensure that the client’s legal rights and best interests are protected from beginning to end.