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Property division does not have to be a landmine during divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2019 | Property Division |

Navigating the process of dissolving a marriage can be similar to navigating a minefield for many couples in Pennsylvania. This is because emotional explosions can happen at any time during a divorce proceeding. A few tips, however, may make it possible for people going through divorce to keep the process amicable when discussing issues such as property division and alimony.

First, those going through divorce may want to take a look at their marital history, as their history may show them what their divorce process will be like. As an example, if two people fought a lot during their marriage, they will likely have a hard time avoiding hostile fights during their divorce proceeding. In addition, if they argued mostly about their finances, property division may become a chief source of conflict for them during the divorce.

Upon finding out what their triggers may be, the two parties who are getting divorced might want to ensure that they have strong support systems in place that can help them to avoid approaching their divorce with anger and retribution in mind. As a result, they might be able to address property division and other divorce issues without having to go to trial. This can ultimately result in a quicker and less costly divorce process.

Unfortunately, sometimes, a couple cannot resolve a divorce issue, like property division, on their own, in which case they must depend on a judge to decide the issue for them. However, whether a divorce issue is tackled outside of court or through traditional divorce litigation, an attorney in Pennsylvania can assist a divorcing individual in making informed decisions concerning it. The attorney’s ultimate goal is to make sure that the client’s rights and best interests are protected long-term.