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Knowing when divorce is in your best interest

On Behalf of | May 17, 2019 | Family Law |

When you struggle to get along with your spouse, when you’ve already gone to couples counseling, when you’ve worked to stay calm and when you can no longer fight it; divorce is your best option. But, what if you aren’t quite sure if divorce is your best option? Below, you will find the most common signs that divorce is in the best interest of the marriage and you as an individual spouse.

Has your spouse’s ideas of the marriage or a family changed? If so, it is time for a divorce. Many couples discuss their future together prior to getting married. Often, it involves starting a family. When one spouse changes their mind about children it can often lead to divorce.

Has the intimacy disappeared? Do you find yourself seeking emotional intimacy elsewhere? Has it been difficult to talk to your spouse about your fears, worries and other emotions? If so, divorce is likely your best option. The same goes for the disappearance of physical intimacy between the two of you.

Do you find yourself avoiding your spouse? Whether you voluntarily stay late at work or go out after to avoid coming home prior to them going to bed; this could be a major sign that your marriage cannot be repaired.

Another big sign of divorce is when arguments are no longer being solved. Instead, you scream and yell at each other and then end it without a resolution. Blaming each other for issues at home and being condescending towards each other are two signs that your marriage could be in jeopardy.

Divorce is the final step when you cannot fix your marriage, no matter how hard you tried. Knowing what to look for in your marriage can help you come to the realization that there’s no turning back.