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Technology and financial dishonesty in marriages

On Behalf of | May 1, 2019 | Family Law |

Infidelity in a marriage can come in many forms. One is financial infidelity. This occurs when a person hides debt, accounts or spending from their partner. It can cause significant damage to a marriage.

Despite the many problems it can cause, financial infidelity may well be on the increase. That is what some studies and experts point to. One of the potential contributors to this rise is technology. The internet and digital technologies provide new and easier routes for concealing financial transactions from a partner. For example, signing up for and using accounts can now be done digitally without any mail-based paper trail. So, technological advances could be creating added temptations for such infidelity.

It can be very important for married couples to resist these temptations. Dishonesty about financial matters can greatly erode trust within a marriage, which could put a relationship’s very survival at risk. What do you think are some of the best ways to maintain financial honesty within a marriage?

Another time in which a person could end up experiencing financial dishonesty from spouse is during a divorce. For example, a spouse may try to conceal assets in an attempt to unfairly skew a property division settlement in his or her favor. Again, technology has created new potential routes for such dishonesty. This can create added challenges in detecting and locating hidden assets.

Skilled divorce attorneys can help divorcing individuals with investigating whether their spouse has engaged in any efforts to conceal assets through digital means or more traditional methods.