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Is a money disorder to blame for your bankruptcy?

On Behalf of | Aug 28, 2019 | Bankruptcy |

You do not want to, but filing for bankruptcy may be the only way to start repairing your financial house and getting back to enjoying your life in Pennsylvania. That said, have you identified what brought you to this decision in the first place?

According to HuffPost, money disorders can lead to an unhealthy relationship with money. See if you need more than financial help to turn your life and spending habits around.

Spending compulsively

Maybe you cannot help but buy things you know you do not need, doing so gives you an adrenaline rush. If so, you could be a compulsive spender who goes through a series of ups and downs in regards to spending money and feeling regret or depression afterward.

Gambling addiction

Rather than a dependence on alcohol, you could lean on gambling more than is healthy. Gambling and taking financial risks may give you the same rush of endorphins as explained above for compulsive spenders.


In addition to compulsively spending money, you may also have a problem with hoarding or an inability to get rid of anything you buy or otherwise obtain. Even if the item is worthless or one you know you will not use, you may feel unable to part with it. Hoarding and compulsive spending can become a dangerous and detrimental combination.

Hiding financial accounts from your partner

Do you have a checking, credit card or savings account that your partner does not know about? Maybe you have not told your significant other about the account because you feel ashamed about how you use the funds. Lying about the account’s existence could deepen that shame.

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