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The benefits of mediation over a traditional divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 23, 2020 | Divorce Mediation |

Ending a Pennsylvania marriage by going through a traditional divorce process is costly and time-consuming. If you are like many residents, avoiding as much hassle and stress as possible is high on your list. Alternative methods of divorce can help you get through the proceedings faster than the traditional way and help you move forward with the rest of your life. We often use the mediation process to help clients work through their concerns and achieve an equitable settlement.

According to the State of Pennsylvania, mediation is confidential. The mediator does not keep notes of you’re the items discussed. It provides the opportunity to talk about issues that lead to the divorce proceedings and clear up misunderstandings. In addition to being less expensive than having your day in court, mediation provides additional benefits.

Personalized to your needs

Courtroom arguments and aggressive litigation tactics may not fit your needs. If your split is amicable, spending time in court is a waste of resources. Mediation personalizes the approach by considering the details of your case. You and your spouse meet the mediator in an informal atmosphere. It can be either in the same or separate areas, depending on your preferences. This encourages communication, which speeds the process.

Protection for your privacy

When cases go to court, anyone can attend the session. This means strangers can listen to the details of your life as it plays out in front of the judge. Mediation sessions contain privileged and confidential information. You can feel at ease discussing your issues and concerns, knowing the knowledge will not go further than the participants. The professional mediator takes care of the details and helps you arrive at a mutually beneficial solution.

Mediators understand divorce and family law. They offer an unbiased view to help clients reach a satisfactory resolution together.