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Is a collaborative divorce less stressful than a traditional one?

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2021 | Divorce Mediation |

When you think of the word “divorce,” you may automatically think of hard feelings and stressful situations, especially if you have kids. While this may be the case for some couples going through a divorce, many couples wish to separate amicably. In these cases, a collaborative divorce may be a better solution.

A collaborative divorce allows couples to have more control over the details of their divorce. In most cases, a collaborative divorce is not only less costly than a traditional divorce but is also much less stressful.

How is collaborative divorce different?

According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, a collaborative divorce allows a couple to work out details that will best benefit everyone. Traditional divorces involve going through the court and a judge generally has the final say regarding asset division, custody and visitation.

A collaborative divorce happens outside of the courtroom, however, and allows you and your spouse to create your own agreement regarding the abovementioned issues. This can be extremely helpful because you and your spouse probably have a better idea of what works for your family.

Collaborative divorces are also usually much cheaper than regular divorces due to the fact that they settle outside of court.

What if you and your spouse do not agree on issues?

Even in a collaborative divorce, both you and your spouse may have different opinions regarding who gets what. In instances where you and your spouse do not agree, a mediator may help facilitate the situation so you and your spouse can compromise on issues.

In addition to a potential mediator, you may have a whole team of professionals to help you come to an agreement that best suits everyone’s wants and needs.