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You can resolve to minimize your stress level during divorce

To say that divorce is painful is an understatement. Decisions to end the life you dreamed of, separate yourself from your children and determine how to divide your assets are major life decisions that do not come easily to the healthiest adults.

Financial mistakes made during divorce mediation may be costly

Just as a married couple's finances may become a source of conflict and confusion during their marriage, it can become a problem for them if they decide to part ways. Unfortunately, if a spouse makes money-related mistakes during divorce mediation or the litigation process, they can have long-term negative effects. Here is a glimpse at a couple of mistakes that can be especially costly in Pennsylvania.

Child custody tips may help during divorce mediation or trial

When parents decide to get divorced, they naturally may worry about how their children will fare. They also worry about whether they are making the right decisions regarding child custody and parenting, whether they are going through divorce mediation or litigating unresolved issues. Here are a couple of tips for helping children to cope with divorce in Pennsylvania.

Divorce mediation may help with post-divorce holiday planning

Dissolving a marriage can certainly be trying for the two parties who are splitting up, but it can be just as emotionally challenging for the children. The holidays can be especially tough for families who have gone through divorce. However, parents who are getting divorced can help to make the holidays a pleasant time for their children in Pennsylvania by tapping into the power of divorce mediation.

Divorce mediation: Trial may be unavoidable in certain cases

Moving forward with the dissolution of a marriage in Pennsylvania can understandably leave a person struggling with a wide range of emotions. One the one hand, he or she may be happy to break free from an unfulfilling marriage. At the same time, this individual might not look forward to the conflict he or she may face during the divorce proceeding. However, in some marriages that are rife with problems, divorce is the only solution. Here are some signs that going through divorce trial, or perhaps opting for divorce mediation, may be appropriate given the circumstances.

Divorce mediation may help during divorce involving children

Individuals in Pennsylvania typically walk down the aisle with the goal of keeping their marriages intact long term. Unfortunately, irreconcilable differences make this impossible to achieve sometimes, and although this can certainly take an emotional toll on the spouses, it can be even more problematic for young children. Fortunately, when divorce cannot be avoided, divorce mediation can help to make the marital breakup process as amicable as possible for the entire family. Here are a couple of other steps that parents can take to make divorce easier on the children.

Spouses can maintain their mental health in divorce mediation

Navigating a marital dissolution can be tricky no matter how long or short of a time two people have been married. This is true whether two divorcing spouses choose to go through divorce mediation or proceed to trial. Here is a glimpse at what those going through divorce in Pennsylvania can do to maintain their emotional and mental health during this process.

Are divorce and college incompatible?

Ending a marriage is not easy, especially when there are many different issues to consider. Pennsylvania parents often have to consider not only their own needs and wants, but also those of their children. Although most parents do their best, a recent study indicated that some may need to focus a little more closely on their children's future educational opportunities when going through the divorce. 

Divorce mediation may involve splitting children's expenses

The dissolution of a marriage is never truly easy to experience either emotionally or financially. However, it can be particularly difficult for those who have children -- and especially if their divorce takes place around the beginning of a child's school year. The question of who covers a child's expenses during the school year can easily become a major source of conflict during divorce mediation or at divorce trial in Pennsylvania.

Divorce mediation may make property distribution easier

Conflict is a common part of the dissolution of a marriage. This is true even in the most amicable of marital breakup situations. However, deciding to go through divorce mediation from the start -- from the moment that the divorce papers are filed -- may make the process easier overall.

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