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More older individuals turning to personal bankruptcy

Many Americans, including those in Pennsylvania and other states, find themselves facing financial problems at older ages. Research show that, since the early 1990s, the number of people filing for personal bankruptcy at 65 years of age or older has tripled. The rise in personal bankruptcy among older Americans can be linked to several factors.

Personal bankruptcy may not hamper ability to get business loan

Sometimes, consumers determine that their dire financial situations warrant drastic action. They therefore decide to file for personal bankruptcy. The good news is that, just because people file for bankruptcy in Pennsylvania, does not mean they cannot get loans if they are aspiring entrepreneurs.

Personal bankruptcy differs from debt consolidation

Numerous consumers in Pennsylvania struggle with overwhelming debt that drastically decreases their quality of life. In some situations, consumers turn to debt consolidation for help. Meanwhile, others find relief after filing for personal bankruptcy protection. Here is a glimpse of the differences between these two processes.

Waiting to file for personal bankruptcy may be a major mistake

Sometimes, consumers in Pennsylvania find themselves struggling to keep their heads above water financially. However, some view filing for bankruptcy as the admission of both financial failure and personal failure. The reality, though, is that filing for personal bankruptcy may be one of the smartest moves a struggling consumer can make, and waiting might end up costing him or her more in the long run.

Obtaining a loan is possible following personal bankruptcy

At times, consumers find themselves facing mountains of debt with seemingly no place to turn. Fortunately, they can turn to bankruptcy court to overcome their debt situations. The question is, can those who file for personal bankruptcy in Pennsylvania still take out personal loans in the future?

Chapter 7 and 13 personal bankruptcy options available

Most people in Pennsylvania experience financial setbacks at one time or another. In many cases, consumers can dig themselves out of their debt situations. However, if they cannot, one of the best ways in which to eradicate overwhelming debt is to file for personal bankruptcy.

Personal bankruptcy does not have to impact one's credit for long

Many consumers in Pennsylvania and elsewhere find themselves trapped in overwhelming debt, which can be confusing and frightening. However, filing for personal bankruptcy may offer these consumers the relief they need. Here is a look at the bankruptcy filing process and how it affects a person's credit -- one of the main concerns people have when it comes to seeking bankruptcy protection. The reality is that it does not have to affect a consumer's credit for long.

Personal bankruptcy filing may provide financial freedom

Individuals sometimes find themselves in dire straits financially, just as companies can. Fortunately, those experiencing tough financial times may be able to take advantage of personal bankruptcy. Here is a look at what filing for personal bankruptcy protection involves in Pennsylvania and elsewhere.

Personal bankruptcy mostly impacts middle class

Sometimes, consumers in Pennsylvania and elsewhere end up experiencing serious financial trouble. In these situations, seeking personal bankruptcy may be the best option. Although broke celebrities and failing companies often come to people's minds when they hear the word bankruptcy, the reality is that bankruptcy filings occur most frequently among Americans in the middle class.

Tips to help naviagte personal bankruptcy successfully

Nobody embarks on adulthood with the goal of becoming bankrupt. Unfortunately, sometimes filing for personal bankruptcy is unavoidable due to credit card debt that has gotten out of hand, job loss or medical bills. Here are a few tips for dealing with bankruptcy in Pennsylvania.


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